A creative design studio specializing in paper craft.

We create one-of-a-kind hand made artworks for brands, agencies, and events looking for WOW content.

Creating tangible work since 2010.
We've been around for a while, crafting real artwork in paper that you can touch and display wherever you are. Check below for our main areas of expertise.

Authentically handmade illustrations for editorial, web, and social media or advertising.
Product & Window Display

Showcase your products or brand concept through a unique display that can stand in your shop window or anywhere in the interior of a store.
“ It was the first time in many years that Claus Porto was launching a fragrance, and we wanted a product display to help us tell a 130-year-old brand story in just one piece. Oupas! grabed our complex project, filled with tiny little details, and the result was a beautiful, whimsical pop-up piece that captured everyone’s attention! Mission accomplished! “
— Marta Marcelo, Claus Porto Education Manager and Product Expertise

Do you wish to showcase your idea or concept through an interactive or immersive installation? We’re the perfect partners. We craft solutions from scratch that can be exhibited at your office, an event or even in a museum.
Set Design

Playful sets that make you, your ideas, or your brand pop. We can create a magical space or scenery for photography or video.
“ Oupas! are our go-to-partners every time we look for irreverent solutions for events and brand activations. They are always able to understand, in the most original way, how to contribute to the space and the visual impact we look for. At FES agency, we’ll keep counting on Oupas! Let’s do it! ”
— Liliana Castro, CEO and Founder of FES agency
Event Design

Uproot your event with our 12 years of experience in creating engaging stages and spaces. We can work closely with you to create the best experience for your audience.
Our clients
Claus Porto, Salesforce, Sonae, Porto., Hermès, Thought for food, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, W.I.R.E., The Atlantic, Josefinas, Roche, Livraria Lello, Navigator, Zalando, Primavera, FES Agency, Symington, Natixis, Teatro Municipal do Porto, Dashlane, Amorim, Zeitreel, The Hotel, Cauny
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