An interactive Product Glorifier with intricate details made of paper.
Claus Porto launched a limited edition perfume that gathers scents from Portugal.
To present it, we created a pop-up book that could hold the perfume with representations of all the perfume ingredients. This Glorifier was used in all Claus Porto shops, in Porto, Lisbon and New York, and was present at several world fairs.
The pop-up book is totally functional, and the perfume turns with the help of small hidden motors.
Project type: Window Display, Interior Display, Pop-Up Book
Client: Claus Porto
Art Direction: Anne-Margreet Honing
Scenography: Pedro Rodrigues
Location: Porto, Lisbon and New York
Year: 2018

Client's thougths:
We wanted this launch to have an impact on the way people perceive us as a fragrance house. It was the first time in many years, that we were launching a fragrance and we wanted for the glorifier help us tell that story. Not easy to tell the story of a 130-year-old brand, in just one piece. Our project was complex, filed with tiny little details and difficult in terms of execution. Moreover, it needed to be able to travel safely, because we wanted to use it as part of our display system on different location over the world, so there was an added challenge. The result was a beautiful, whimsical pop-up piece that captured everyone’s attention! Mission accomplished!"

– Marta Marcelo, Education Manager & Product Expertise of Claus Porto
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