We are Oupas! 
a creative studio specializing in hand crafting original content that helps our clients stand-out.
We have been working with remarkable brands and creating custom paper and cardboard artwork for more than 12 years.
Who we are.
Based in the heart of Porto, Portugal, we’re a team of three women: Cidália, Joana, and Sofia.
We met at college while having a fun time experimenting with graphic design, illustration, and advertising.
After our bachelor's, there was a climate of uncertainty and crisis in our country, but we didn't want to settle and wait for the perfect job, so we started working together in our school's classroom. This was the naive beginning of our exploration as a team, of different materials and techniques, and the start of Oupas! as a creative studio.

Fast forward, 12 years have passed by, allowing us to meet and work with a wide range of clients, creating solutions for the fields of advertising, product display, illustration, installations, and events. We can proudly say that our creations are easily recognizable, whether in a shop window, a magazine or on stage.
Why we do it.
Paper is like a second nature to us. We like its texture, the challenge of finding the correct shape with it, but also its infinite creative possibilities. We do design and illustration with our hands as a way to achieve more creative, art-like and honest work.

Design and Illustration have been very digitalized since some decades, and we believe some of the craftmanship has been lost in this new digital world. We are old-schoolers, humans that love to work with their hands and be physically involved with each project. But don't get us wrong, we also love to improve our work by learning new technologies and working with different tools, machines, and techniques.

Through the years, we also understood that working with paper is also a good alternative to plastic displays or installations that usually last only one season. Paper is durable enough and when worked with craftsmanship, like we do, it can be elevated to a work of art and be preserved as such.
More than creating a paper alternative for decoration, we wish to help our clients understand that these creations can be so much more, while still telling their story, passions, and values. We wish to let brands understand that our creations are not a kleenex tissue to dispose of afterwards, but a full book that can be loved while still having a relevant message through the years.

“Oupas! grabed our complex project, filled with tiny little details, and the result was a beautiful, whimsical pop-up piece that captured everyone’s attention!“
— Marta Marcelo, Claus Porto Education Manager and Product Expertise
Our clients.
Claus Porto, Salesforce, Sonae, Porto., Hermès, Thought for food, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, W.I.R.E., The Atlantic, Josefinas, Roche, Livraria Lello, Navigator, Zalando, Primavera, FES Agency, Symington, Natixis, Teatro Municipal do Porto, Dashlane, Amorim, Zeitreel, The Hotel, Cauny
What the press says
Oupas! Design, a world created in the light of fantasy
— RUA magazine, 2019

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