Thought For Food is a movement dedicated to the challenge of feeding 9 billion people through bold, breakthrough solutions. In 2016 hundreds of people from around the world gathered in Zurich to discuss the problem of food scarcity and to help Uproot Assumptions.
Mushrooms grow under incredible circumstances in hard and dark environments, where most plants fail, and this was a great inspiration for Thought for Food Summit, because year after year, the TFF community are able to answer questions that seemed impossible at first glance, and can help the world to grow better every time.
With this in mind we created a new world at the amazing Giardino Verde with mushrooms that grew greatly on stage interacting, softly, with the greenhouse. Following the mushrooms there was swarm of insects, that traveled across the Giardino verde greenhouse. Grandpa’s lab did then a video mapping show over our pieces, to introduce the summit and it’s concept to all participants.

Client: Thought For Food
Photos by: Oupas! and Miguel Quesada
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