Porto Design Biennale occurred in 2019 with several exhibitions across the city of Porto and we were invited to take part of the Exhibition "Millennials – New Millennium design" at Galeria Municipal do Porto.
Addressing the proposed subject “Post-Millennium Tension”, we intend to reflect on one of the main concerns that has increased in this millennium: the pollution of the oceans. In order to materialize this intention, we started from the visual aspect of objects related to the Millennial’s childhood, in particular the “Claw machine”. Inside this colourful box, full of lights, usually inhabited by teddy bears and other toys with no significant material value, bottles and plastic objects are to be found, the aim of the game being to find a fish in the middle of all the rubbish. All the box will be made of paper and cardboard.

Client: ESAD — idea
Credits: Renato Cruz Santos

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