Thought For Food is a movement dedicated to the challenge of feeding 9 billion people through bold, breakthrough solutions. In 2015 thousands of people from around the world gathered in Lisbon to find solutions and to participate on a event whose theme was “What’s your moonshot?”.

In collaboration with the Grandpa’s lab, we created an environment from outer space to inspire young minds, to help them focus on their “moonshot” and to learn more about food security. We divided the beautiful space of Convento do Beato in two with a 40 meters wide wall that simulated a moon crater, creating in one side the conference area and on the other a common area to relax, talk and party. This area was centered by a 5m high spaceship that also worked as the DJ booth, and various resting pods with black light, where people could rest and also write on the walls with fluorescent pens.

To give a more sophisticated look, Grandpa’s Lab worked on the edges of our cardboard creations with LEDs, animating our work by day and by night. And on the last day of the Summit, participants were presented by an amazing video mapping by Grandpa’s Lab that told a story based on the author Jules Verne and gave an end to an amazing event.

Client: Thought For food
Photography: Oupas! and Miguel Quesada
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