Thought For Food is a movement dedicated to the challenge of feeding 9 billion people through bold, breakthrough solutions. In 2017 four hundred people from around the world gathered in Amsterdam to discuss the problem of food scarcity and to think What’s Next in the food revolution.
The world is drastically changing every day because of our actions and we’re in the eye of the storm. We need solutions, we need to change things. Wouldn’t it be great to stop time to think before a catastrophe happens? This was the feeling we wished to give at this year’s TFF summit. A giant tornado with 8m of height was built at the center of the venue with TFF’s brand symbols. Around it you could find some of the debris of the storm, signaling different areas.
In another room you could relax at an awesome space created by Grandpa’s Lab, who build different worlds for you to explore and feel.

Client: Thought for Food
Photo Credits: Oupas!, Ferdy Damman Photography and Grandpa’s Lab
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