What if children could design their own city? What would it look like, what would they be able to do? This was the question we asked ourselves in order to imagine a different city: one designed with simple shapes, but with a fun and dynamic flow.

In this ideal city for children you’ll find several places for fun, like an amusing park, a beach, a camp in the woods, but also several essencial areas, such as a farm with cows and sheep where vegetables grow big, the school and library where information is amusing, a clean sea where the animal life is well preserved, children's fears are also represented with a monster in the sub ground (that is not that monstrous!) sneaking through a window and high above, their dreams and fantasies showing up with a mythical creature flying around.

This installation was part of LU.CA program for the beginning of 2019 where several guests reflected on the importance of cities to children. We accepted their challenge and created this paper city, that you can loose yourself searching for all its details.

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