It is exciting to finally have you here! Welcome!
As you already had the chance to meet my paper version, my name is Sofia, and yes, I’m a real person! :)
I am co-founder of the creative design studio, Oupas! and we’re amazed by your studio.
We’d love to help you create special handcrafted solutions for your clients’ needs.
Our passion is to manually create original pieces in paper and cardboard that help our clients communicate their ideas and products in a unique and unforgettable way, whether in the field of illustration, advertising or events.
There are more people!
It’s time to meet my amazing friends and partners, co-founders of the studio: Cidália and Joana.
Oupas! is an independent design studio seeking new and ambitious challenges. This is where you show up!
You develop the kind of dream projects we are looking for, and we’d love to collaborate on them with you.
We’re looking for passion-driven partners who, just like you, work with brands that want to communicate their ideas in a meaningful way, valuing the authenticity and originality of the work done by artists.

We’re makers. We handcraft stories.
Do you want to know more about us, our services, and our process? 
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Can we help you turn your clients' needs into unforgettable artwork?
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