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It is exciting to finally have you here. Welcome!

As you already had the chance to meet my paper version, my name is Sofia, and yes, I’m a real person! :)
I am the co-founder of the creative design studio, Oupas! and we’re amazed by your agency.
We’d love to help you create special, handcrafted solutions for your clients’ needs.
Our passion is to manually create original pieces from paper and cardboard. We help our clients communicate their ideas and products in a unique and unforgettable way, whether in the field of illustration, advertising, or events.
"But who are you?" you ask.

We’re Oupas!, a creative studio specializing in papercraft. We are a small team of three, based in Porto, Portugal, that have worked together in this field since 2010. 
We have a passion for handcrafting ideas out of paper, being socially and ecologically conscious with our practice, and delivering the most creative projects we can.
We also admire very much your work and style, and we’d love to create something with you. 

To boost this collaboration, we would like to offer you something: 

One free concept for our first project together. 

Our concept explorations include a moodboard and 1–2 sketches of the idea. This service typically costs between 600 and 1,000 euros.
If you are interested, let’s chat!
If you are still not sure, we invite you to browse our portfolio, read our story, and check our clients' testimonials. Give it a thought, and when you are ready, or when the perfect project lands, send us a message!
Until then, keep up the good work, and we’ll keep cheering your great deliveries!
*This offer is exclusive to your business and cannot be transferred.
Valid for three months from the date of receipt of our gift.

+351 225 098 174
+351 934 285 654

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