"Time" was this year's theme for "Foco famílias" in Teatro Municipal do Porto and our starting point to create the concept and visual language for the event. We wished to reflect about the passage of time in the crazy year of 2020, where, at some moment, we felt time had stopped, or was going by very, very slowly. So we wanted our installations to be a reflection of frozen time, when we can reflect on what's around us and think about solutions or just not thinking at all and relax for a second.

To achieve this we needed an object that could be frozen, so we thought about the bouncing ball, which relates to the theatre's own image, but is also very playful – perfect for a family oriented event like this one. To join the ball, colorful blocks would be around it composing the scene and once more giving the feeling of the time of play.

Afterwards we decided to use what we had to create a series of stop motions, and although at first glance it might seem the opposite of our concept, these animations are seamless and can be looped forever, as if you were continuously at the same moment, living it over and over.

All objects were constructed with paper.

Graphic Design by Studio Eduardo Aires
Photos above by José Caldeira

T H E  P R O C E S S
Above: First sketches and 3D mockup for the physucal event (then canceled)
Below: Animation and composition tests

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