At this page you will learn about the starting prices for each of our service areas. Send us an e-mail with your request for a personalized quotation proposal.

At Oupas!, services go from small-scale to large-scale creations, all in paper and/or cardboard. This means we can make any of your ideas real.
In this page you will find a bit more information about the areas we work on, the prices and the ideal timeframe.
Below you will find information about:

— Illustration
— Window and Product Display
— Installations
— Set design
— Event design
If you don’t find the area you would like, or you are not sure which is your project type, send us a message, and we’ll make a personalized proposal to you.
What is it?
Small-scale physical object(s) that illustrate a theme or tell a story. All made out of colored paper.
The final composition can be made of three-dimensional objects or a composition of 2D layering.
Who is it for?
    › Book/Magazines publishers
    › Brands looking for original visual content for the web/social media
    › Brands and Agencies looking for out of the box advertising images and concepts.
Types of applications
    › Editorial Illustration
    › Digital Illustration
    › Advertising
    › Art collectors
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