Bolhão is a traditional market from Porto, Portugal. It is a very dear place to the city because of its history, but especially for its people: producers and sellers with the northern personality and the joy of life. The Bolhão original building is currently going through a restauration, so all sellers were sent to a temporary space nearby. In an effort to call the city people to this temporary place, the municipality calls for artists to intervene in the space to make it more joyful and gather more people.

In the summer of 2020, We Blog You curated us to decorate Bolhão. We wanted to take advantage of this intervention, not only to pay homage to such an iconic place, but also to transmit, even if in a subtle way, the human diversity that we find in these spaces, selling and shopping. Thus, we designed several hands with different colors and shapes that crossed the market from end to end. Hands that cross in search of the best that the market offers. Hands that come out full with the best quality of products.

Photos and video below by WBY

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