About Us

Handmade with love.

Every project we work on is unique, just like you and your company!

“Oupas” is a traditional Portuguese expression which translates to “let’s go!” or “let’s do it!”, and it is the perfect expression of our motivation towards our work.

Based in the heart of the city of Porto, Oupas! is a graphic design studio and a team of four: Cidália, Joana, Sofia and Tobias (the cat).
We work in the field of graphic design, illustration and set design, in the most ecological and social responsible way.

We are recognizable by the materials we use, specially by paper and cardboard: our materials of choice. From little pieces to stage and event design, a real sized cardboard city or a place from outer space… we can make it all happen!

“The Oupas! team turned our venue into a magical space – entering the venue felt like arriving on a different planet.”

Antoine Verdon, Co-Founder of the Sandbox Network

This is what we do best

We are used to this creative areas, but are always waiting for a new, good challange! Get in touch!

  • 01
    Event Design
  • 02Original crafts
  • 03Illustration
  • 05Store windows
  • 06Anything!

We believe every project, like everyone and everything, must be unique and creative, so we create everything by hand. No piece of ours will be the same as the other.
Expect the exceptional!

Amores do Porto

Meet Our Team

Three girls and a cat, all obsessed with cardboard and awesome stuff!



Finger-cutter Expert


Head of potatoes


Professional Cat Translator




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